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Between Manual with Automatic

Comparing the prime features of both transmission types will enable you to decide whether you want to go for a stick shift or not:

  • Fuel economy – Automatic transmission vehicles eat up more fuel than manual ones. In fact, you can easily get a couple of miles per gallon more when using the stick shift by yourself.
  • Acceleration – Manual transmission vehicles deliver more power to the wheels. The acceleration is superior to what you experience using an automatic. Generally speaking, manual transmissions help generate 15% more horsepower than an automatic transmission!
  • Better shifting – With a stick shift, you are in complete control of the vehicle. You can decide exactly when to shift up or down depending on the rev and the perfect precision just cannot be replicated in automatic transmissions. Fact is that automatic vehicle may gear up or down even without you realizing it!
  • Convenience – While manual transmission vehicles are generally fun to drive, not everyone is well-versed with the shifting. Moreover, stick shifts can get very tiring and stressful during everyday driving in slow-moving traffic and heavy jams where you need to keep shifting very frequently. Hill driving becomes especially easier with automatic gear shifts. Besides, driving an automatic vehicle gives you more freedom.
  • Price tag – Manual transmission cars work out cheaper on the pocket than their automatic counterparts with the difference ranging around a $1000,
  • Maintenance – It’s not just about the one-time price tag per se. Automatic transmissions demand regular maintenance; repairs and replacement can prove very costly. In contrast, the clutch plate hardly ever needs to be changed (depending on how you drive) and does not cost nearly as much to replace. And, the life of a manual transmission is almost always greater than an automatic!

And yet, automatic transmission vehicles are becoming better and less expensive by the day. With technological advancements, we are seeing much faster clutch setups, smart shifting and fuel-efficient variable transmissions as well.

Finally, irrespective of whether you trade-off cost considerations and engagement over comfort and leisure or not, always ensure that Royal Purple oils and lubricants are powering up your vehicle. Royal Purple oils and transmission fluids are suitable for both manual shift and automatic transmission vehicles and always deliver high performance.